‘Not a good idea’: Texas travel restrictions for tourists

‘Not a good idea’: Texas travel restrictions for tourists

A new travel restrictions bill is expected to be introduced by state lawmakers in Texas next week, and it’s unclear what it could do to keep Australians from flying to Texas.

The Senate on Thursday approved a measure by Senator Charles Schwertner, who has been championing the bill since the end of September.

The bill would make Texas a “gateway state” to the United States for visa-free travel for Americans, but would only apply to Americans with a valid visa.

This means that people who had already left the country, but had not yet applied for a visa, could still travel to the US.

Senator Schwertnehner said the legislation would help people get a “fresh start” with their lives.

“I think it’s very important to have a fresh start,” Senator Schwertnerer said.

The Senate passed the bill by a vote of 10-4 on Thursday.”

We’re all looking at what happens in the next few days and trying to prepare for that.”

The Senate passed the bill by a vote of 10-4 on Thursday.

It was a victory for the Senate’s right-wing faction, which wants to cut government spending, limit the number of people coming into the country and limit the availability of health care in the state.

The legislation would also increase penalties for those who do not follow the rules and leave the country before their visa expires.

It would be the second time in three years that the Senate has passed a travel restriction bill, after last year the legislation was approved by the House.

The US Chamber of Commerce and other business groups have lobbied for the bill, which they say would make it harder for Australians to travel to Texas and make it more expensive to get into the state by tourists.

They argue the bill will force Americans to travel in a “backpack” and “risk-averse” way, which will make it difficult for them to make friends, work and visit their families in the Lone Star state.

The legislation passed in the House in September but was blocked by the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans.

A spokesman for Senator Schwenner said the chamber would continue to lobby for the legislation and said it had not seen a bill from the Senate that did not address issues such as the visa waiver.

A spokeswoman for Senator McKim said Senator Schwenberg’s bill was a “good first step”.

“He is looking to make Texas the first gateway state in the country for Australians travelling to the country,” the spokeswoman said.


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