The Lad’s Guide to the Dead

The Lad’s Guide to the Dead

A man in his thirties died at a local park last year.

The park was closed due to a heavy rainstorm, but he was buried inside the ground, the Lad Bible says.

The Lad Bible’s story of the man’s life, death, and burial is told through a video, a book, and an illustrated book, which was published last year by The Lad Publishing Group.

“This was one of the few places in the world where we were able to bury a dead person,” said Stephen D. King, the publisher of the Lad Publishing group.

“It was just such a special experience.

I had the chance to visit the burial site and just imagine the man who had died.”

The man died on Jan. 27, 2016, according to the Lad bible.

King said he knew the man because he had been in a car accident and had fallen to the ground.

King was visiting a friend in Florida when he saw a man lying on the ground near a lake, the newspaper reported.

He rushed to the scene and found the man, according the Lad newspaper.

Once King arrived, he realized he was in the middle of a funeral and asked a friend to get him a phone number.

But the man was already dead, King said.

King didn’t realize until he dialed the number that he was already on the phone with a dead man.

In the video, King tells the story of how the man died.

As King narrates, the man is described as a man with a short gray beard, gray hair, a small face and a black beard.

King said the Lad’s Bible, which is illustrated in the video book, describes him as being a man of modest means, but also someone who has an uncanny knack for finding and burying his loved ones.

After King arrived at the man�s grave, the owner of the park said the dead man was buried under a tree in the park.

King had to dig up the grave because the man had already been buried in the ground and the owner wanted to make sure the man would be buried where he was, King told ABC News.

Dying and being buried in a fieldThe Lad bible also describes the man as having died from a heart attack, according a Lad bible story on the internet.

King told The Associated Press that the man did not die from heart disease, but from a cardiac arrest.

There is no information on the cause of death for the Lad, who King said was about 65 years old.

However, King did tell the AP that he knew from personal experience that people who have died while buried have been buried under trees or rocks.

When the Lad died, he was only buried under two trees, King added.

King said that the Lad believed the man to be his son.

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