The kauauai Travel Restrictions are set to expire, says a group

The kauauai Travel Restrictions are set to expire, says a group

A group of kauaians say the restrictions are set for expiry this weekend, after it was revealed the kauahi islands had been put on a three-week state of emergency by the Government.

Hawaii Department of Health officials said Friday the department had received a petition from an organisation called Kamehameha Schools to have the ban lifted.

“It was put in place to protect the health of the community, protect the community from possible illness and to protect people from harm,” said Dr. Jennifer Leong, chief of emergency medicine at the Department of Hawaiian Medicine.

Kauai is located in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, about 400 miles north of Honolulu.

The ban, which lasts three weeks, was introduced last August after the Kauai Volcano erupted.

This is the fourth time in as many years that a three week state of the emergency has been placed on the island.

It also came as a warning to the nation that the ban was a temporary measure and would end Saturday.

We’re not going to sit idly by and do nothing,” said Kameha College professor and retired Kamehi student Merete Tui.

Tui said her school had already received more than 50,000 calls to come out to school and that the school would be doing extra training for staff.

She said her students were concerned about what the ban would mean for their futures, and were trying to figure out what kind of work they could do to support their families.

They’ve already told their parents that they’re going to have to find other ways to support themselves, she said.

Many kauians are worried that the new restrictions would lead to a rise in crime and mental health problems.

More than 100,000 kauais are living in hotels and motels in Hawaii.

In addition, the kamaua islands are also on a state of lockdown, meaning that they are not allowed to leave the islands, which have no land access and are under the jurisdiction of the US military.

But Tui said many people had told her they were excited about the new rules.

I’m not worried about the money, I’m not concerned about the safety, I’ve been in Hawaii for so long, she told ABC News.

If the government does have to go through a lot of hoops to lift this, I’ll still support them,” she said, referring to the restrictions placed on other US states.

As of Friday, the ban had already been lifted on the Kameahi islands, according to the department.

ABC News’ David Tarr contributed to this report.

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