New York: Restrictions on tourists and visitors will be lifted as travel continues across state

New York: Restrictions on tourists and visitors will be lifted as travel continues across state

NEW YORK (AP) – New York officials say travel restrictions will be relaxed as travel begins across the state to celebrate Labor Day.


Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday the state will open its borders and allow people to visit vacation spots and attractions, and will allow people with family members in the country.

It will also allow the use of Uber to travel and bring food.

Cuomo’s proclamation will apply to New York City, Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, Ulster County and all other counties in the state.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement the proclamation will give residents more freedom to explore and be as they please.

It also will allow businesses to open and reopen, he said.

The governor’s announcement was made just hours after the New York State Assembly approved a bill that would allow residents of the state with green cards to bring their families to the United States.

The bill, House Bill 1423, passed with a voice vote Tuesday.

New York state residents will be allowed to bring up to two people into the United State without a green card.

The state will begin issuing visas to foreign visitors beginning this week, and allow visitors to apply for visas to come to the state on Jan. 1.

The proclamation comes amid renewed calls for New York to be able to ease travel restrictions after a terror attack in France, in which more than 120 people died and more than 500 were wounded.

New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie said Wednesday that New Jersey residents should be able visit their family members, including in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and the United Nations in the next two weeks.

He said that while some people will miss the holiday due to travel restrictions and other logistical challenges, others will be happy to spend time with their loved ones.

He also said that the United Stated will be able take in up to 40,000 people, including the 1 million who will arrive in the U.S. this year.

He said it will be a great opportunity to welcome people who were displaced by Hurricane Sandy.

New Mexico Gov.

Susana Martinez said she is confident that people will be willing to travel back to the U: “We will have a tremendous turnout.”

The governor said that as New Mexico welcomes refugees and the state continues to recover from the devastating Sandy, we will also welcome those who have arrived in the State in the past week.

The proclamation allows people to bring in food and to travel to the State and its communities, he added.

It’s a wonderful day for New Yorkers.

We are welcoming our refugees and welcoming our people.

We have welcomed more than one million people, most of whom are coming in the last week.

We welcome them with open arms, as we have every year since Sandy.

They’re welcome, as they are a part of our State, Gov.

Cuomo said.

We welcome all of our people who are in need, but we’re going to make sure that they’re welcomed here in the spirit of New York, of welcoming everybody.

We have the most generous, compassionate and welcoming people on Earth, he told reporters.

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