Canada’s travel restrictions ‘won’t work’

Canada’s travel restrictions ‘won’t work’

A ban on people entering the country from certain countries is being touted as a way to keep the country safe from a threat of terrorist attacks.

The country is under a state of emergency after a series of terrorist incidents including an attempted assassination of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last month.

Illinois is the first state in the US to implement the ban and officials in the Illinois Travel and Tourism Department are trying to educate tourists on the precautions.

“If you have any information, we encourage you to call the FBI at 312-847-9777 or the local FBI office,” said a statement from the department.

Authorities say the ban will not work, as they don’t know who the terrorists are.

They will try to educate the public, especially the younger generations, about the risks of entering the US, said Jennifer Cate, who is with the Illinois Department of Transportation.

“People are under the impression that it is safe.

It isn’t.”

The travel ban also has no effect on Canadians travelling to other countries.

The department said it will be issuing additional guidance on the ban over the next few days.

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