Travel tattoo contest sweeps over $200K in entrants

Travel tattoo contest sweeps over $200K in entrants

Travel tattoo artist Matt Hausner has a new winner.

The artist won $5,000 for his tattoo of a man with an eagle tattooed on his chest, the Travel Channel reported on Tuesday.

Hausners business, Travel Tattoo Studios, received more than $150,000 in bids for the custom-designed tattoo, according to a post on the studio’s Facebook page.

The tattoo artist, who works in the Atlanta area, said he got the tattoo while visiting Mexico in February 2016 and received it while working as a travel consultant.

He said the eagle tattoo is an homage to the first U.S. soldiers to land on the moon.

Hausner said the tattoo is one of the top-selling tattoos on the site.

“I got the eagle in a tattoo shop in Mexico and I got it on my chest,” he said.

“It’s an iconic piece of artwork.”

He said he wanted to use the tattoo to promote his work.

“If it helps promote my business, then great,” he added.

“When you get a tattoo, you can’t just show off the tattoo.

It’s a piece of art.”

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