How Texas travelers can avoid travel restrictions

How Texas travelers can avoid travel restrictions

The United States is restricting travel from the Caribbean, the Pacific, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Travelers from those regions can now only fly domestically in U.S. airliners that fly in U, F, or M style.

The restriction applies to international flights and to all other travel.

Airline crews will now have to make sure that you and your companions can fly with you.

This means that passengers can no longer travel to Mexico, Central America, or the Caribbean Islands without a visa, or vice versa.

The change is effective for travelers arriving on March 18, 2018.

The new restrictions apply to U.s.-bound flights on American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Continental Holdings, United Airlines, United States Airways, Alaska Airlines, Virgin America, and Virgin America Southwest.

The rules apply to non-U.S.-bound international flights that operate between U. S. cities and other countries, including international flights operated by Virgin America and United Airlines.

The new restrictions are effective from March 17, 2018 through April 3, 2018, but will be reviewed and reevaluated during that time.

The restrictions will be in effect for all domestic and international travel from March 18 through April 5, 2018 (excluding domestic and other international travel on the following dates).

All international travel will be allowed from March 19 through April 4, 2018 until the end of the U. s. military occupation of Afghanistan, unless a waiver applies.

The United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 2166 in March 2016 that established the conditions for the lifting of sanctions on Iraq and Syria, and called for a political solution to the Syrian conflict.


S.-bound travelers from Mexico will have to use the Mexican peso, as long as the traveler is authorized to use a Mexican currency.

Travelers from other Latin American countries will not be allowed to use pesos for any purposes.

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