How to stay safe on the road

How to stay safe on the road

Travelers are in for a rough few weeks after a series of wildfires burned more than half the state, leaving many of the state’s most famous attractions in ruins.

Travelers are also being urged to take a more cautious approach to the next two weeks as wildfires rage in southern Arizona, where temperatures are expected to soar to as high as 120 degrees in some places.

The wildfires have scorched about half of the Arizona landscape and forced evacuations in Phoenix and Flagstaff.

But some travelers are being encouraged to head out for the weekend, especially as they have been able to get some relief from the heat from the fire.

The National Weather Service says it is expecting temperatures of between 100 and 140 degrees on Saturday, which is a little warmer than the average of 95 degrees that many people in Arizona experience.

That could help keep the temperatures down, but the National Weather Services warns it’s still too early to predict how the temperatures will rise.

There’s no immediate word on when people in Flagstaff, which has been hit hardest by the wildfires, will return to normal.

The weather service is warning that it may be weeks before residents are able to return to their normal routine.

There is no indication that any flights have been canceled in Arizona.

However, the Weather Service warned that there could be limited availability of flights to and from Flagstaff as the wildfire continues to burn.

There are no immediate plans to cancel any flights to or from Arizona, the weather service said.

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