The Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2017

The Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2017

A year after it was launched, Netflix India is now the second largest streaming video platform in India.

The launch of the service comes in the backdrop of the government’s crackdown on the online piracy of movies and television shows.

In its first quarter 2017, Netflix reported revenues of $5.6 billion, a gain of nearly 7 percent on the same period a year ago.

It had revenue of $4.3 billion in 2016.

Netflix has also been growing in the US, with its biggest market, India, growing at double digits.

The company said in its most recent quarter report that it has been expanding its presence in the United States, with an estimated $4 billion in new US sales.

Netflix said that it expects to achieve annual revenues of at least $9 billion by 2021.

India is Netflix’s second biggest market after the United Kingdom, with about 3.5 million subscribers, and the company plans to spend $2 billion on expansion in the country.

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