American Express Traveling to Europe in 2017

American Express Traveling to Europe in 2017

American Express (AXP) is planning to expand its Europe business into Asia by selling a $300 travel card for a limited time to customers in the Asian market.

The American Express Asia Travel Card (ATCV) will be available from January 15.

It will be valid for two months in the US and one year in the Philippines.

The ATCV will be sold to consumers in Europe as well as in China and Hong Kong.

The card will be the first in a wave of cards to be sold in Asia, which have been available for a few years.

The ATCV offers four benefits: It includes travel on American Express, and is eligible for a one-time $100 Visa gift card that can be redeemed for travel on the card or merchandise, for $250 per card.

The American Express travel card also comes with an $80 loyalty bonus, and the American Express Card Rewards membership program, which provides access to an elite group of rewards.

The card’s travel value is $5,000 per person per trip.

This is roughly equivalent to a two-week stay in a two bedroom apartment in the United States, with two nights of food and two nights’ lodging.

The airline, which has a significant market share in the Asia-Pacific region, said the ATCV card is the “largest single source of business travel credit available in Asia.”

The American Airline Group (AAIG) announced in October that it would add one of the world’s largest domestic carriers, Japan Airlines, to its global network of domestic flights, which includes more than 100 domestic routes.

The deal was announced in partnership with the Japanese government.

The company said it will expand its domestic service from Tokyo to Tokyo Narita International Airport and add one more domestic route in 2019.

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