What to know about the New Zealand Government’s new travel advisory

What to know about the New Zealand Government’s new travel advisory

New Zealand’s new tourism advisory guidelines include a ban on all “illegal and unauthorised entry” to the country.

The government says the move is to ensure the country is secure against terrorism, which the country has been facing for the past few years.

What are the guidelines about?

The new rules, introduced in March, include a requirement that people visiting New Zealand must obtain a permit before travelling.

They also require visitors to be registered in advance to prevent them from leaving the country and to check in at a designated place.

The guidelines also require people to stay at least 200 metres away from security forces at all times, and to ensure they can carry identification with them, such as a passport, when travelling.

The new guidelines also allow anyone visiting New Britain to stay with their family for up to two months.

How do I apply for a visa?

For a limited time, visitors can apply for permanent resident visas.

The applications will be processed through a website and then sent to a government department.

A person can only apply for one visa at a time, so it’s not possible to apply for more than one visa.

How can I apply to stay in New Zealand?

The process for permanent residency can take up to three years.

You will need to meet certain requirements to apply.

It is important to be in the country for three months to qualify.

A list of the most important requirements will be posted online once the process is completed.

If you are eligible for permanent residence, you can apply online.

What will I need to bring with me?

The government is requiring that visitors be registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade before they can travel.

They can also bring a passport.

To make the process more streamlined, the government is limiting the number of people allowed to stay and to what location they can stay.

You can bring: documents from any country you have visited that contain your nationality, birth date and place of birth

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