Travel restrictions in California will be lifted on September 16, 2018

Travel restrictions in California will be lifted on September 16, 2018

California will begin its annual “September 16” holiday period on September 11, 2018, according to a proclamation issued by Governor Gavin Newsom, who is seeking reelection.

The proclamation states that, “On September 11th, 2018 the Governor of California, Gavin Newsor, will be issuing the proclamation that will extend the holiday season from September 10th to September 11.

All public transportation, hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, theaters, cinemas, and other venues are prohibited on that date, as are all activities that are expected to be observed on that day.”

California’s Governor will also be issuing an executive order that states that the state will allow the public to travel to Disneyland in Anaheim and Disneyland in San Diego.

“The proclamation further states that no state employees, members of the public, or members of any other group will be permitted to attend the parks during this time period,” the proclamation reads.

The governor is also issuing an Executive Order that will also extend the weekend travel restrictions from October 6th to October 7th.

This includes no day use of public transit, no overnight travel, no camping, no entertainment, no sports, no hunting, no hiking, and no outdoor recreational activities.

“As a state, we will continue to honor and protect our public spaces, which include public beaches, parks, beaches and other places that provide recreation, entertainment, education, and social events,” the governor’s proclamation reads, according, “As California’s Governor, I intend to enforce the proclamation as written.”

The proclamation comes a day after the governor signed a bill allowing the California Public Utilities Commission to issue new water use permits.

This bill is the latest effort by Newsom to tighten restrictions on the state’s water supply, which has been in a state of emergency for nearly a year.

Newsom’s executive order has also been used to ban recreational vehicles from the state of California for the next two months.

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