How to get around the state of Indiana’s travel restrictions

How to get around the state of Indiana’s travel restrictions

Travelers and locals are finding that Indiana is restricting the number of strollers they can bring on airplanes.

In a sign that a state-wide ban on strollers is about to go into effect, Gov.

Eric Holcomb (R) said Wednesday that people traveling in airplanes should not bring their strollers to the airport.

Holcomb, a Republican, said that the restrictions will apply to all flights from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and other major cities to and from Indiana.

“We’re not going to tolerate the transportation of a stroller into our state,” Holcomb said in a statement.

“Indiana law requires that a strollers stroller be carried in the same compartment as a passenger.

The passenger can use the stroller to transport a passenger and carry that passenger to and fro on the same flight.”

While Indiana does not have a state law requiring strollers be carried, Holcomb has said the state will enforce its restrictions.

Indiana’s Department of Transportation has been issuing warnings to airlines about the restrictions and has been working with the Indiana State Police to enforce the restrictions.

Holcomb said the restrictions could impact hundreds of thousands of people who fly to Indiana from other states.

The Indiana Department of Public Safety said it is working with airports to enforce restrictions on stroller use on flights to and through Indiana, and also with other airlines to monitor passenger behavior.

Holcombs statement comes as many states have also instituted similar bans.

For example, in Texas, the governor said that anyone traveling with a strolling stroller could face fines and jail time.

And in Maryland, travelers must now be 21 years old to bring strollers on planes.

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