New Jersey has its eye on New York’s NY3

New Jersey has its eye on New York’s NY3

New Jersey is a prime candidate for a fourth subway line that would run between New York City and New Jersey City, a new analysis by the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) suggests.

The proposal would connect a portion of the PATH rail network with the New York-New Jersey-Newark Transit (NJNJNJT) commuter rail network.

The New York Times first reported the plan.

The NJDOT’s analysis comes a week after a New York Post report revealed that the New Yorkers who run the New-York-New-Jersey Subway plan are using a software program called Project LIFT, which the company said is based on a “prototype” developed by a team of researchers in Singapore.

The Post article was based on data that NJDOTS says was obtained from the company that was contracted to conduct the research.

The data the NJDots team collected was obtained via the New Yorker Transit Project, a collaboration between the New Jerseyan Transit Authority (NJTRA), the City of New York and the Port Authority of New Jersey.

The state’s top transit authority said the state has “no plans” to expand the NJTRA line beyond the current one.

The plan would also run between the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

“The NJDot study shows that the most direct route is between the two boroughs, with an average travel time of 30 minutes, and the shortest time is between Brooklyn and Manhattan,” the NJ DOT said in a statement.

The study was conducted for the New Journal Review, a state publication, and will be published online this month.

NJDTS said the plan is still “very much in the research phase,” and that it does not expect to receive any federal funding for the project.

NJNJT would be built along the existing line between Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.

A section of the proposed NJNJTR is being built at the intersection of Broadway and Fulton Streets in Brooklyn, and NJDNT has partnered with the Brooklyn Museum and other organizations to bring the entire project to life.

The goal of the project is to build a “first class, high quality” commuter rail service to and from New York, NJDCT said.

It would also include stations in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, NJ.

The subway line is proposed to run from the Bronx to Brooklyn, the Bronx and the Brooklyn Bridge.

The first phase would be between Brooklyn’s Fulton Street and Broadway, and would extend to Long Island City, according to NJDATS.

The project would run along the PATH commuter rail system.

A separate proposal to connect the line to Manhattan is still under review, NJJNJT said.

“This is not a one-stop subway, but it will be an alternative to the existing PATH to NYC subway,” NJDUTT said in the statement.

“There will be a stop on either side of the line for passengers with disabilities.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and other officials have said that they would support a subway extension to Manhattan, though it is not clear if they would back the NewJersey proposal.

A third proposed route to Manhattan would run from Manhattan to New Jersey and from Brooklyn to Brooklyn.

The third proposed path would be in Brooklyn.

NJMTA spokesperson Dan Keefe said the NJMCTA was in the process of evaluating the third proposal, and that the agency is working with the Port of New-Jerseys to make sure it is a viable project.

“NJMTA has a robust network of transit to connect New Yorkers to jobs, entertainment, shopping, and other opportunities across the state,” Keefe told the Post.

“Our focus remains on ensuring the NJNJ line has the capacity to serve the people of New Yorks borders with New York.

We are in the early stages of planning a subway system for New Jersey.”

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