How to stay safe in Greece as travel restrictions take effect

How to stay safe in Greece as travel restrictions take effect

Greece has imposed travel restrictions across the country, which has been hit by the financial crisis.

The travel restrictions will begin on Monday and last until Wednesday, according to the state-run ANA news agency.

The restrictions are part of a broader package of measures designed to stem the tide of people leaving Greece in search of safety, ANA reported.

Under the new rules, travellers from countries with high unemployment will have to return to their countries of origin for the rest of the month.

People can apply for temporary visas, but they can only stay in the country for six months.

Any further attempts to travel to Greece after that period will be subject to a three-month extension.

In addition to the restrictions, Greece is expected to impose fines for “unlawful entry” of travellers, which is defined as leaving the country without permission.

Those found guilty will be fined up to €2,500 ($2,975) and will have their visas cancelled.

The government has said the measures are aimed at deterring people from leaving the EU.

Travel in Greece, the biggest economy in the eurozone, has been affected by the economic crisis and the economic downturn in Europe.

The government has been facing criticism for the measures, as some Greeks blame the country’s problems on EU membership and the bailout.

The latest measures come as Athens tries to boost its economy by attracting foreign investment.

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