Björn Borg & company get ready for another trip to Spain

Björn Borg & company get ready for another trip to Spain

Björnd Borg & Company’s upcoming trip to Madrid, Spain is set to begin at the end of this month, and they’re going to use it as a launching pad for their first solo European tour in almost a decade.

The first stop in the journey is in Madrid, where the band will be touring the city in the coming weeks.

While touring Europe, the band has been able to play the city and it’s surroundings, which is very different from the U.S. where they’ve played just one other show.

Björnto, the lead singer of the band, has had a few rough patches during his career, but the band says that his biggest issues have been health issues and his inability to focus.

While the band was able to tour Spain before, it’s now being used to make a long-awaited trip.

“I’m still feeling a bit sick.

But I think I can take it,” Borg said during an interview with Rolling Stone, adding that he’ll be “more in shape” than ever.

The first stop on the tour is in the Spanish capital of Madrid.

The band will play the historic city in late October, which will be the first time the band is performing in the city since 2013.

“We’re gonna play Madrid and other places in Spain.

And that’s the plan, the only plan, but it’s happening,” Borg told Rolling Stone.

“And it’s gonna be really good,” he added, adding, “If I’m not doing well I can be at home in New York and Los Angeles and in L.A. with a big family.”

Borg, who is 66 years old, has been in and out of hospitals, including in October, after being diagnosed with kidney failure and a lung condition.

He said that while he has been feeling better, he still feels like a “dumb-headed” and “crazy” person. Borner Björns first solo tour in Spain, from April to November, 2017, was held in Madrid and has since been canceled.

He will perform a concert in the capital on November 5.

While Borg is traveling the world, he’ll also be spending a lot of time with his son, Björrd Björk.

The pair are planning to visit Italy in October and are planning a concert on November 15 in Rome.

In the meantime, Borg and his bandmates have already been to Spain, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, which have been key stops in their tour.

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